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Dapatkan Elementor Template Original dengan harga termurah, download Edison – Online Education Elementor Template Kit sekarang!

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Hai, kali ini Kodev menawarkan salah satu Elementor Template terbaik yaitu Edison – Online Education Elementor Template Kit. Elementor Template ini bisa di install di unlimited website, cocok untuk klien maupun website pribadi.

Live Demo: https://edison.elipso.site/

Edison is an Online Education Template Kit for the Elementor Page Builder plugin in WordPress. The world is changing, and online study is the most popular way to get new skills. That’s why we create a trendy, vibrant template for education platforms, courses, webinars, training, study, masterclasses, etc. It is all necessary pages like course description that could be a course landing page, all courses library, media library, teachers, FAQ, Prices and signup. Elementor is packed with powerful and intuitive features, providing endless possibilities. The template comes with an entire suite of beautifully designed layout components, blogs, lists, and classes pages that allow you to build a perfect real education website.

Edison was carefully crafted by an experienced designer with great attention to detail, flexibility, and performance, specifically developing unique websites based on WordPress. This template was created using Elementor and Elementor Pro and can be easily edited in Elementor and is compatible with most themes. The template import of some elements and features requires the Elementor Pro upgrade.

Pages and Layouts

All Courses
Course Description
Media Library
Page Title
Search Page
Single Post


Header Menu Edison
Edison Footer
Heading Block
Hero Block
About Info Block
Banner Block Style 1
Banner Block Style 2
Banner Block Style 3
Banner Block Style 4
Banner Block Style 5
Columns Info Boxes Block
Contact Form Block Style 2
Contact Form Block
Counter Block
Course Boxes Block Style 1
Course Boxes Block Style 2
Course Registration Form Block
Courses Box Column Description Block
Event With Counter Block
Events Boxes Block
Faq Accordion Block
Features Info Boxes Block
Grid Info Boxes Block
Header Hero Img Block
Header Hero Lottie Animation Block
Info Boxes With Buttons Block
Info section Block Style 2
Info section Block
Prices Tables Block
Program Course Description Block
Subscribe Form Cta Block
Teachers Team Block
Testimonials And Info Block Banner
Testimonials Block On Color Bg
Testimonials Block On White Bg
Video Grid Block
Video With Description Block

Features of Edison Template

Global Theme Styles included
53 Elementor Templates
Pixel Perfect Design
100% Fluid Responsive
Clean and Simple Style
Easy to Use and Customize
All major browsers supported Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera
Free Google Fonts Used
Icons Provided by Font Awesome 5 Pro
Tested in Color Blindness Simulator
100% SEO Friendly
Optimized for Elementor Pro
Design Meets the Requirements of WCAG 2

How to Install

Please read about WordPress Templates if you have never had any experience with the Template Kit. Install and Activate the “Envato Elements” plugin from Plugins > Add New in WordPress, then import the Kit zip under Elements > Installed Kits by clicking the Upload Template Kit button. Before importing a template, ensure the Install Requirements button is clicked to activate the required plugins. For best results, do not import more than one template at a time. Property Search form setup and customization help may be found here in Elementor Docs.


This Template Kit uses demo images from Envato Elements. You will need to license these images from Envato Elements to use them on your website, or you can substitute them with your own.

https://elements.envato.com/image JVUJX8C
https://elements.envato.com/image 7UX3CJB
https://elements.envato.com/image 2UC468R
https://elements.envato.com/image ADBYWZ6
https://elements.envato.com/image 8GKX5JY
https://elements.envato.com/image 4H9S6QL
https://elements.envato.com/image AWCPV7N
https://elements.envato.com/image NDGP97P
https://elements.envato.com/image 5W46N66
https://elements.envato.com/image SEAMMPM
https://elements.envato.com/image F8F2T2W
https://elements.envato.com/image A86XFHT
https://elements.envato.com/image SXWBV7V
https://elements.envato.com/image BZWBZ7X
https://elements.envato.com/image AFTE9PA
https://elements.envato.com/image US2BE6T
https://elements.envato.com/image PTBVNJY
https://elements.envato.com/image 92H33CN
https://elements.envato.com/image 4VNJW3N
https://elements.envato.com/image 4144228
https://elements.envato.com/image P4BXCUK
https://elements.envato.com/image PVFQ3RQ
https://elements.envato.com/image F6KTHBU
https://elements.envato.com/image WWPAQGC
https://elements.envato.com/image GKK3P8E
https://elements.envato.com/image CMUZYHJ
https://elements.envato.com/image AM5ZG4R
https://elements.envato.com/image E854P8F
https://elements.envato.com/image WNQS86M
https://elements.envato.com/image 7W6XKRV
https://elements.envato.com/image KJGWB7Q
https://elements.envato.com/image 3392969
https://elements.envato.com/image UFKYH64
https://elements.envato.com/3d e learning illustration Y6HU84H
https://elements.envato.com/flat bubbles colorful backgrounds vol 01 DWJZ3B
https://elements.envato.com/3d digital marketing illustration N2UZFBD
https://elements.envato.com/digital wallet 3d illustrations part 2 NGLASK3
https://elements.envato.com/business flat color icon 6MGPP4E

☑️ Produk ini 100% original berlisensi GPL lifetime dan tidak menggunakan purchase code.
☑️ Produk ini 100% full version premium dan bukan versi trial.
☑️ Produk ini 100% bersih dan bebas dari virus maupun kode berbahaya.
☑️ Produk ini unlimited install dan bisa digunakan ke banyak website.
☑️ Produk ini akan segera dikirim via email setelah pembayaran selesai dilakukan.

Cara Pemesanan:
1. Pilih Elementor Template yang ingin dipesan.
2. Masukkan alamat email aktif di catatan pesanan.
3. Selesaikan pembayaran.
4. Produk akan dikirim via email.
5. Selesai.

☑️ Proses pengiriman ± 1×24 jam. Garansi 30 hari.
☑️ Membeli berarti mengerti penggunaan produk.
☑️ Tidak ada refund setelah kami mengirimkan produk.
☑️ Jika pengiriman terasa lama, silahkan segera kontak kami.
☑️ Dengan membeli berarti kalian setuju dengan syarat ketentuan kami.

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Elementor Template: Edison – Online Education Elementor Template Kit
Elementor Template: Edison – Online Education Elementor Template Kit


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